General Commission information

  • bY Teddyy February  21, 2022

Below you can find all the services I offer as well as a little bit of insight into what you'll be receiving, how we handle communication and how to get in touch :)      

What can I order?

Currently I offer Emotes, Chibi Illustration, Portraits, Half Body, Full Body, Live 2D - Half / Full Body and Live 2D Rigging services. Please make sure you read through the information below to know how each of these works, the cost and the time it takes to make.       

1 x Emote Illustration: 20$
3 x Emote illustration Bundle: 50$

Chibi Illustrations
1 x Full Body: 45$

Character Illustrations
1 x Upper Body Illustration: 45$
1 x Half Body Illustration: 60$
1 x Full Body Illustration: 75$
Extra: +5 USD for a simple reactive image / +10 USD for each additional on top

Animated Emotes / Illustrations
Animated Emote: 15$ for animation 
Animated Illustration: 50$ for animation
Note: Does not include the base price of emotes or character illustrations. This can also be applied to artwork you just want to have animated. In this case a PSD of the artwork must bebreadcrumb_bg03.jpgf submitted                          
Vtube Characters / Live2D
Vtube Character Half Body: 300$
Vtube Character Full Body: 500$
Extras: Expressions or Hand Motion: +30$
Included: Layered PSD file at high resolution 

Should you want the model rigged up by my editor for direct use in Vtubing please reach out prior to make sure there's an available slot for the rigging process.

Vtube Rigging                                   
Vtube Rigging (Half Body): 150$
Vtube Rigging (Full Body): 300$
Included: Rigged and setup to work in Vtube Studio. Body and Hair Physics included as well as any expression that was previousy discussed and prepare.

Note: These prices can change over time. Please make sure you always double check before making an order! 

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